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Amusic video production company is a firm that offers the physical foundation for works in the disciplines of music and video production. Production teams are made up of experts who work together to create music videos. Producers and directors are often in charge of the production business; however, it can also be led by a more experienced exec. Talent or a well-known entertainment franchise may greatly increase the value of an entertainment project and attract greater audiences for a production firm in the entertainment industry. A more democratic power structure in the entertainment business ensures that both the corporations and the performers get their fair share of compensation and acknowledgment for their labor on a production.

Following are the top music production companies in Los Angeles.

Tigertail Pictures

35+ Top Music Video Production Companies in Los Angeles in 2023 | Reviews, Prices, Contacts - Gemtracks Beats (1)

Tigertail Pictures is a video production company that deals with music videos, movies and advertising. The company consists of an entourage of cinematographers, lighting specialists, and even makeup artists that can accommodate all clients. Some of their previous clients include artists; Snoop Dogg, Coldplay, Drei Ros, RobYoung & Sharlene, Eshani, XENZU, and more. The company is based in Beverly Hills.

Binary Pulse Studios

A group of artists, technologists, and visionaries, Binary Pulse Studios is devoted to telling captivating tales via the visual media - both live capture and animation. They can handle all parts of production, from screenplay to screen, but they are also willing to work as a team member in a specialized function as required. The environments in which their team has performed include anything from clean rooms to boardrooms. Feature films are based on product features throughout the United States and around the world. What binds this broad body of work together is our dedication to the quality of the picture and the spirit of the tale as a whole. Because when all of these factors come together, something similar to magic happens.


It is an on-demand video production firm specializing in performance creative for companies worldwide. They produce videos on demand for their clients. Their more than 8,000 films have raised companies across all industries by providing valuable content that converts. Lemonlight believes that every company has a unique narrative to tell that should be shared with the public. It is creating high-quality, cheap video content that complements and enhances existing marketing tactics provides businesses and agencies the ability to communicate more effectively.

Aside from that, they provide digital knowledge to their clients, methodically examining the video landscape and transferring that value to them. They customize their production and distribution tactics to meet each customer's specific needs while keeping up with the latest best practices in the video industry daily.

Bx Films

It is a video production business based in the San Francisco Bay Area founded to convey the stories of individuals and brands that are making the world a better place. They exist to convey the story of the pioneer, the explorer, and the individual who has a deep-seated calling in their hearts. They're there for those on the cutting edge, those who see opportunities while the rest of the world is still gazing in the rearview mirror.

Casual Films

It is a film production company specializing in creating incredibly successful films for worldwide corporations who want to stand out from the crowd. Expert filmmakers who are conversant in the language of corporate communications work as video consultants for businesses. Thanks to a highly skilled internal staff with thousands of projects under their belts, they convert corporate communications into creative, effective, and entertaining videos better than anybody else.

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Their company has worked with Fortune 500 firms for the past 12 years. They explain complicated goods and services to recruit and retain the top individuals. They train and develop their employees to raise brand recognition and appeal to customers. Casual provides clients with a flexible level of service. They customize their procedures to meet their customers' specific needs to offer excellent outcomes and long-lasting, joyful collaborations.

Zane Productions

LA-based ZANE Productions is a full-service video production firm that has won several awards for its work. They get down with their customers to understand their goals and what they need to express to their intended audience to create promptly and efficiently fascinating images that fulfill their aims. When delivering high-quality TV and web content movies, they handle every job with the highest care and consideration.

Tiger House Films

As a comprehensive promotional and marketing film studio based in Los Angeles, CA, Tiger House Films has won several awards for its innovative, multi-award nominated advertising and marketing filmmaking services. Ad agency, video production firm and post-production studio are all under one roof. On YouTube and social media platforms, they've had more than 101 million views and partnered with businesses like Netflix, the Grammy's, Nylon, and more.


For Sparkhouse, an Irvine Municipality multimedia advertising, and marketing company, filmmaking talent is paired with an intuitive understanding of today's digital landscape. The firm produces branded films and commercials with a strong narrative, dramatic camera work, and innovative creativity.

Spirinity Productions

Based in Hollywood, Calif., Spirinity produces video and film for their clients to share their experiences. They are enthusiastic storytellers who regularly go above and above the call. As a team-based outlet to combine his skills and experience, Spencer founded Spirinity Productions, an award-nominated media, and entertainment production firm, in 2014.

Firestone Productions

Movies, broadcast, and online entertainment are all areas of expertise for Firestone Productions. Producing television shows and advertisements for customers ranging from networks to large businesses since 1998 is the goal of this Los Angeles-based production company. Firestone Productions across the world handle production at any time of day or night.


Since 2011, they've offered comprehensive streaming video production and promotion services. More than 7,000 videos have been produced worldwide for a wide range of clients ranging from small start-ups to Leading multinational corporations by this firm. Based on the style, length, and other variables, their prices can vary from $1000 to $2500.

Supercool Creative Agency

The creative team at this firm created video advertising, social media videos, and crowd-funding videos, specializing in promoting your item or brand. They enhance brand image, reinforce company tone, grab attention, are productive, and a host of other benefits. In Los Angeles, they are based.

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As a design-driven business, CRFT also works as an animation studio. Each of their movies is custom-made to reflect your brand's personality and appeal to your target demographic. In addition, they take great satisfaction in offering their customers the finest quality and manufacturing standards available in the business.

Music Video Los Angeles

35+ Top Music Video Production Companies in Los Angeles in 2023 | Reviews, Prices, Contacts - Gemtracks Beats (2)

(Video) How To Copyright Your Music

Alexey Wind founded the video production company Artwind. Alexey has worked on a wide range of video production, cinema, television, commercials, and other artistic endeavors. It doesn't matter how large or little the project; his crew is always there to help. They employ a significant number of models, actresses, and dancers. Computer graphics, special effects, and animation have all been a part of their work. Skilled make-up experts, hairstylists, and videographers, producers, and filmmakers are employed by their firm. They cover the whole city of Los Angeles.

The 7 Wonders Cinema

With 7 Wonders Cinema, you'll be able to transform your complicated ideas into accessible and effective movies that will resonate with your target audience. As a modern storytelling platform, they're designed to be easy to use at every step of the route.

Hd Video Production

They provide a wide range of services, including event and commercial filming, photography, and video work, at HD Video Productions. Their team of experts can manage everything from a church wedding to a corporate advertising campaign, delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Live shows and simulated corporate performances can benefit from their elevated audio and video capture services. With their cameras, your project will be brought to life with high-quality Hd quality and uncompressed audio.

King Toledo

It is a Los Angeles-based full-service production firm. Founded in 2011, this video creation and transmission firm has three workers and specializes in working with businesses of all sizes.


A group of creatives founded a video production firm with a vision to revolutionize how advertising is done via video. Their creative team closely monitors every step of the production process to work together to find new visual methods to engage with their loyal consumers and clients. All of their visual material is created with cutting-edge hardware, software, and data.

Sinema Films

They are a Los Angeles-based production firm. They have collaborated with businesses and marketing firms to make television and social media videos throughout the past few decades. They offer lighting and filming, actions and close-ups, support environmental, and many more. They are based in the heart of Hollywood, California.

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Block Of Joy

It is a Southern California-based family business. Their fascination with multimedia has blossomed into a successful production company. In addition to producing albums, films, music videos, advertisements, and more, they have a staff of seasoned and helpful producers that work on anything from soundtracks to commercials to original programs. There is nothing better than working with people from the bottom up to generate projects and ideas.


It was founded in 2011 and is based in Diamond Bar, California. They have a staff of fewer than 30 people, yet they provide video services. Clients in the consumer goods and services, healthcare and medical, hospitality/leisure, and media industries make up the bulk of their clientele.


You can count on them to help you grow your business by providing you with high-quality advertising and videography services. Their varied multinational staff and cutting-edge automated technologies enable them to provide advertising and videography services at low prices and at a speedy pace. Veloso is a pioneer in the marketing strategy and production sector because of its expertise.

The Rocket Farm

Publishing and advertising firm Rocket Farm places the importance of cooperation and connections above all else. Rocket Farm's small but powerful workforce collaborates directly with clients to get innovative projects done quickly and efficiently.

The Suite Spot

It is based in Los Angeles, although it serves clients across the United States and worldwide. From post-production to live streaming to immersive experiences, Suite Spot is at the crossroads of all three. In the end, their purpose is to help you realize your vision, and if necessary, assist you in developing a strategy for doing it.

Activation Evolve

Evolve Activation, a worldwide event marketing logistics partner, provides marketing strategy, programme creation, shipping, retail Activation, event activation, testing, fieldwork monitoring, evaluation, vehicle administration, Media pranks, trips, festival adherence, and personnel. Clients prefer working with them because they are adaptable, customer-oriented, have little cost, and fit your needs. All of their services are available to be white Certified. Many times they work as a partnership company for agencies and clients.

Run & Gun Production Services

Production companies, television stations, film company and businesses of all sizes may rely on Run and Gun Production Services for camera operators and professional equipment. They have collaborated with Movie studios, TV networks, and business leaders to provide high-end content-related shots and commercials, as well as on-scene translation. They're serving the entire city of Los Angeles.

Left Productions

Founded in Los Angeles, it is a global media production firm headquartered in Paris and London. Its' 23-strong staff provides video creation, advertising, and content marketing services. The company was started in 2012.

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It is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing business. From concept to implementation to optimization, their organization controls every marketing plan stage using a data-driven approach. They provide much more than marketing theory; they build programs based on accurate data, tested, measured, and adjusted to guarantee precise results.


Fayetteville, Arkansas-based it is a video-producing firm. Since its inception in 2012, its five-person staff has concentrated on video creation and marketing strategy.

Vision Film And Television Production

The appropriate video may help you achieve your goals, whether you'relooking to increase sales or brand exposure. Video is a powerful marketing tool that should be used to its best potential. Vision film and television production has proven ROI and the capacity to attract the attention of your target audience. They cover Los Angeles and adjacent areas.

Long Haul Films

Long Haul Films is your creative collaborator, asking more profound questions to unlock more imagination and create a branded video that promotes an emotional and genuine connection with your audience. Because they provide comprehensive production services, they can manage all project phases, from conception to completion and delivery.


Los Angeles-based creative agency Gush specializes in planning, marketing, packaging design, video production, and ad campaign development.

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    35+ Top Music Video Production Companies in Los Angeles in 2023 | Reviews, Prices, Contacts - Gemtracks Beats (6)

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